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It was quite unexpected but the Belgian/Moroccan directing duo of Adil & Bilall manages to make Bad Boys For Life still a Bad Boys movie and the so much more. By finding out Booker Grassie was the dealer who supplied Armando with the custom-made P90 bullets, Mike proved that his old-fashioned detective ways still work. Armando Aretasisthe secondary antagonist turnedtritagonistofthe 2020 American film,Bad Boys for Life. Prior to Bad Boys For Life, the only aspects of Mike Lowrey's backstory leading up to the first Bad Boys movie was that he graduated the police academy and became a narcotics officer with Marcus Burnett in the late 1980s. Examples translated by humans: до 20%, До 20%, до огня, 2005 год, 2008 год, Получено по. Mike and Marcus were saved numerous times by the members of AMMO and their fancy equipment. It all culminates with a fight between Mike and Armando - with Marcus quickly taking out Isabel in the room above - in which Mike heeds Marcus' advice earlier in the film to "penetrate [Armando's] soul with his heart". Bad Boys For Life is here! But instead of hanging it all up and retiring, as Marcus tried to do for a short period of time, they became accustomed to the new rules. Mike was only able to put this twist together upon hearing Armando say the words, "hasta el fuego" to him. enero 17, 2020 octubre 21, 2020 Guillermo Asenjo 0 comentarios acción, Adil El Arbi, Bad boys for life, Bilall Fallah, Buddy film, Joe Pantoliano, Martin Lawrence, Michael Bay, Nicky Jam, Vanessa Hudgens, Will Smith. Despite the fact that Armando committed several murders, including killing Captain Howard, Mike saw this as an opportunity to be some sort of father figure to Armando and help him face justice - and atone - for his crimes. Earlier in Bad Boys For Life, when Mike was recovering from his gunshot wounds and Rita confronted him at his home, he utters the phrase, "Hasta el fuego". Armando stood in the way of Isabel shooting Mike, and was in turn wounded himself. As Marcus said, they have more years behind them than in front. Let us know what you think of the movie by giving it your own rating or commenting below. 1 Biography 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Bad Boys for Life 2 Notable kills Rita Secada and Mike Lowrey were dating for a while but broke up before the events of the movie Bad Boys for Life. It was revenge for the Aretas cartel but also personal revenge for Isabel. Related: Why Bad Boys For Life Reviews Are So Positive. Share to iMessage. Not long after Marcus retired, he rejoins the fold for one last mission with his best friend. Marcus uses this as an opportunity to look back on his life, particularly his life of violence, and decides to retire. Unfortunately, that someone was Captain Howard, who was not only part of the initial investigation into the Aretas cartel but also the person responsible for setting Mike on his path. I'm deducting for the final quarter though. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. buddy Smith’s Lowrey, the duo is forced to ride one last time. Their acting was superb. 5th February 2020. Share to Pinterest. ... Hasta el fuego Sugerir frase Ver todas. & Bilall basically took all the best aspects from Bay’s versions and with "Hasta el fuego" was a phrase they came up with that was nonsensical but was supposed to mean "Together until the flame burns out." Putting a "bullet in him" would be mercy, according to her. A pesar de lo los puntos flojos, Bad Boys: Para Siempre es una divertida secuela de la nostálgica entrega noventera con muy buenos chistes, impresionante química entre Will y Martin y excelentes escenas de acción. Related: What Martin Lawrence Is Doing After Bad Boys For Life. The third installment in the Bad Boys franchise starring the duo of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is back after 17 long years. Leer críticas de Bad Boys para siempre, dirigida por Bilall Fallah, Adil El Arbi. Little did everyone know, there was a bigger connection between Isabel, Mike, and the shooter, Armando Armas. También conocida como... Bad Boys For Life (Título original) Dos Policías Rebeldes 3 (España) Bad Boys 3 (Título hispano) Ficha artística. i There are no comments Add yours. CAPTION. Without them, Mike may not have been able to follow through on his hunch that Isabel was behind everything and that Armando was his son. Everything would click for Mike at this moment before his death. BAD BOYS 3 Para Siempre Tráiler en el cine en enero de 2020. By visiting the site, you agree to our cookie policy . are here, and they are as bad as ever! Mike ended up taking a liking to the team, so with him and Marcus back in the game, they may take over AMMO in Bad Boys 4. In addition to keeping Mike and Marcus on as detectives, Bad Boys For Life teases Armando playing a role in Bad Boys 4. By promising that they would be together until the fire, they fulfilled that meaning to the letter, with Rita shooting Isabel and her falling into the fire and dying at the bottom of Hidalgo Palace.

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