UT San Diego: College athlete union raises myriad of issues

By Stefanie Loh 4:46 P.M.APRIL 1, 2014

After a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board ruled last week that a group of Northwestern football players should be considered “employees” of the university, the players are now taking their crusade to Capitol Hill.Former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter and former UCLA linebacker Ramogi Huma will meet with legislators in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the issue of employee unions for student-athletes.The two men are the co-founders of the College Athletes Players Association, which brought Northwestern’s case to the NLRB.CAPA’s ultimate goals are to acquire guaranteed coverage for sport-related medical expenses sustained by current and former players, to establish improved concussion prevention and return to play guidelines, to allow players to receive compensation for commercial sponsorship’s and to increase players’ rights. Read More….