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42861-VB5-802 Honda Tire. Cut the Bicycle Tire. A ribbed agricultural style replacement tire: Complete this process around the entire wheel, allowing the tire to release itself from the rim. Place the new tire around the outside of the rim, and kneel onto it in order to lock it into place. Honda HT 3813 3810 RIDING TRACTOR / MOWER HEADLIGHT ASSEMBLY 33100-750-801. I've looked long and hard for an inexpensive ATV tire and wheel combination that could work.   The 5-12 is recommended for a 4" rim: the stock Honda front wheel is 5" wide. The proper tire type can be found in the operator’s manual that comes with the snowblower at the time of purchase. It's not good for the transmission and gear train of the vehicle either. XiKe 10 Pack Flanged Ball Bearing ID 1/2" x OD 1-1/8", Suitable for Lawn Mower, Wheelbarrows, Carts & Hand Trucks Wheel Hub, Replacement for MTD, Honda, 12118 & Rotary 324 Etc. Tighten the bolt that holds the wheel in place. All of the information for this wheel replacement video is applicable to the following brands: Honda Tools needed: 12mm socket This is not such a problem in the front, but clearance in the rear is tight.   The 6-12 is perfect for the stock Honda front wheel. Keep the spindle bolt inserted through the bushing in the used wheel so that the washers stay on the spindle bolt. This is a very unusual bolt pattern! Shop our huge selection of lawn mower replacement tires, Lawn Tractor Tires, Golf Cart tires, and Wheelbarrow tires. 2. Canada’s #1 Honda and Yamaha Dealer where you will find the latest Honda and Yamaha Motorcycles, ATV, SxS, Generators, Lawnmowers, Pumps, Outboards and a whole lot more.Read More . The wheel center is slightly offset toward the *outside* of the wheel (the center disk is ~2.5" from the edge of the outside wheel rim and ~3.25" from the edge of the inside wheel rim). Notes about Tire Size and Four Wheel Drive Need a part for HS520 AS Snow blower 6008496. Many (if not most) ATV tires are significantly wider in profile that the Honda's original equipment tires. meaning the wheel is 14" in diameter and 6" in width. It was still tough, but it worked. Honda HR214 Lawn Mower Front wheels / tires——Pair! I currently need 8 - 12 of these tires and the shipping makes them a bit expensive for someone that is trying to refurbish and sell Honda mowers. It is *very* difficult to find replacement tires in the original sizes for these Honda tractors. Remove the tire strap and inflate the tire the rest of the way. With the tire now back on the wheel, it’s time to inflate the tire. Use wood or cinder blocks under the axle on both the left and right sides of the equipment so that the tires are off the ground. Using these auto tires together yields a front/rear tire size ratio of 1.11:1 (remember, the target is 1.2:1). Place the tire strap in place, as per the above instructions. As you will see from the tirerack link, there is also a Yokohama Y372 in the 185/65SR14 size (the "85S SL") that will fit the Honda's stock rear wheel: Published tread width of the 185/65SR14 tire is 2" narrower that the original Ohtsu, but section width is closer. With the patch firmly rolled onto the interior of the tire, the tire must be placed back onto the snowblower wheel. Here I'm presuming that Honda designers chose original equipment tire sizes to minimize problems of tire wear and transmission stress. The situation is even more complicated for 4 wheel drive vehicles which use different size tires front and rear--like Honda tractors. Quick service and delivery enhance the process, making HondaLawnParts.com a valuable resource. 1 Park the Honda mower on a flat and level surface. One of the few tires in this size with a tread pattern that could work for a lawn tractor is the Yokohama Y372 (picture of tread pattern): As of 11/2006 this tire is available from tirerack.com (I've purchased from tirerack.com in the past; otherwise I have no connection with them!). People have done ATV tire and wheel conversions for Honda tractors. Please send any additions/corrections to honda@textwire.org. FREE Shipping. Remember that the derivation of this ratio is reverse engineering of the most primitive sort. Push the air valve to the side, allowing all air to be released from the tire for easy replacement. Twin-Blade Efficiency The exclusive MicroCut™ twin-blade system means grass is more efficiently cut twice per pass to deliver better results and smaller clippings, allowing you to mow more and bag less. Tire Size and Four Wheel Drive Honda Tractors I did this Honda mower tire replacement for a friend and need to do my own Honda mowers. $30.00. ATV tires are not available in sizes to fit original equipment Honda wheels, and I have found no stock ATV wheel which matches Honda's bolt pattern and center hole. If the Honda is 4 wheel drive, I think it is safest to try for a front/rear tire size ratio of close to 1.2:1 (as discussed to death above). Honda Push & Drive Wheels Tires Lawnmower GRAY 42710-VE2-M02ZE 44710-VL0-L02ZB. This will cause the air to press the tire patch even more firmly into place, ensuring that it won’t go anywhere after the tire is fully inflated with the proper amount of air. The 7-14 is recommended for a 5" rim: the Honda rear wheel is 6" wide. Even so, 4 wheel drive vehicles can have built in problems. Given these circumferences, the front/rear ratio for the original equipment tires is ~1.2:1. This means either a custom wheel (a rim with a custom center made to fit the Honda's hub), or a. As of May 2007 Miller Tire Co. (a company I have had good luck with in the past) sells Firestone Traction Field & Road 5-12s for $68; 6-12s for $75, 6-14s for $92. 4.2 out of 5 stars25. If they don't, either the fronts will be "pushed" or the rears "pulled," depending upon which end of the vehicle has better traction. I hope the replacement tires last. Also replace blades upon any signs of cracks or pitting. The Honda 8 in. Click here to find a Firestone agricultural tire dealer. Step 4: Replace the Tire Such a tire needs to be a) 20" or slightly less in diameter, b) less than 9" in section/tread width, and c) in a size to fit a 12" wheel. This video provides step-by-step repair instructions for replacing the rear wheel on a Honda lawn mower. Certified OHV Lawn Mower Engine Spark Plug can be used with Certified 150cc/174cc Lawn Mowers (CT #060-0750, 060-0751, 060-0753 and 399-4888) Helps to … meaning that the tire is approximately 20" in diameter and approximately 7" wide. OEM HONDA 08242-752-002F TIRE CHAIN SET 20X7F. Honda’s snowblower tires are held onto the axle using a simple bolt. These sizes will fit the Honda's original turf-tire wheels (table © Firestone/Bridgestone): Step 1: Elevate the Snowblower DEDICATED SERVICE. Selecting a Replacement Tire Honda’s snowblowers use different tires based on the model of the snowblower itself. Combination 3: 6-12 (front) - 7-14 (rear)    front/rear ratio = 1.17:1 (good) The softer the surface the greater the potential tire slip, but the easier on tire wear and transmission stress. Some older, standard transmission 4 wheel drive passenger vehicles with manual transfer cases should not be driven very far in 4 wheel drive on hard surface roads. The original Honda turf tires and wheels on my H5013 are: Front wheel:   "12x5" Honda-supplied R-1 ag tires for these tractors have a different front/rear ratio from the Ohtsu turfs: the R-1 ratio is about 1.26:1. As the vehicle turns (or even as one wheel goes over a bump or runs through a depression), all four wheels will cover different distances over the ground: the outside wheels in a turn obviously travel further than the inside wheels. In fact, in the real world the distances traveled by the four wheels of a vehicle change constantly. Stens 205-490 Replacement Tire Honda 42861-Vb5-800 for Honda - Tread:Saw Tooth - Wheel Size:8 1/2" - Honda code 2502813 REPLACES: HONDA 42861-VB5-800 ATV tire/wheel conversions? Remove the tire strap and inflate the tire the rest of the way. Tractors run very slowly (compared with passenger vehicles) and are mainly used on soft(er) surfaces. This is the Titan "Multi Trac C/S" in the 25/8.50-14 size (available from Miller Tire Co. Picture of the Multi Trac tread pattern: This is an almost perfect replacement for the original Ohtsu turf tire. After it has been removed , unscrew the air cap from the tire. Worn blades could slow grass cutting and tear grass instead of cutting it. $24.95. In looking for replacement tires I'm using this 1.2:1 ratio as an important indicator of whether the replacement tire set will be suitable for use in 4 wheel drive. The wheel has a center hole 3.125" in diameter to fit the round boss on the wheel hub. Celebrating 70 years in business in 2016, Arn’s staff is the most longstanding, seasoned team you … Rear tire:   Ohtsu "GreenGrip" turf tire: "24x8.00-14" For these main reasons I do not think such a conversion is both practical and cost effective: The Honda designers chose an *existing* tire set (they did not manufacture their own tires, but chose available tires that were close enough to the ratio they wanted). meaning that the tire is approximately 24" in diameter and approximately 8" wide. Repairing a flat tire on a Honda lawnmower, while perhaps daunting at first, can be accomplished at home, saving time and money. Automobile tire replacements: Step 6: Replace the Wheel Next, place the wheel back onto the snowblower and secure the bolt that holds the wheel to the axle. The most common reason for replacing the wheel is when it is damaged. $34.99. Next, place the wheel back onto the snowblower and secure the bolt that holds the wheel to the axle. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

. The tire producer / manufacturer of the tires you are buying and Canadian Tire are responsible for the recycling fee you are being charged. This is easy to feel with the bare hand, so be sure to feel the tire’s entire surface when checking for slashes, scuffs, and punctured holes. Who knows what target the Honda designers were using? A sharper blade equals faster and better grass cutting quality. Rear wheel:   "14x6" A rear auto tire replacement: Three combinations of these sizes will fit the Honda's original turf-tire wheels (table © Firestone/Bridgestone): Combination 1: 5-12 (front) - 7-14 (rear)    front/rear ratio = 1.29:1 HondaLawnParts.com: The Perfect Place for OEM Replacement Parts The website carries all of the latest and most popular snowblower replacement parts, ensuring that operators can successfully use their equipment all winter long. $25.00. This bolt must be removed from each wheel so that the tires can be changed. Raise up and block rear end of mower so both rear wheels are off the ground and free. After a few seasons of tough snow clearing, it becomes necessary to change these tires in order to ensure good traction and snow clearing in the future. This is not good for tire life since some tires are being scrubbed instead of pulling equally. This process is a bit more comprehensive, but still quite easy to do. HondaLawnParts.com provides Honda Snowblower Tires, which equipment owners can easily replace by following a few simple steps. $24.95$24.95. Changing the damaged wheel on your lawn mower will improve the maneuverability and traction of your mower to give you a smoother, faster cut time. Replacing the Wheel on a Honda Lawn Mower. Find great deals on eBay for honda lawn mower tire. They do not list 7-14 Firestones, but do sell 7-14 Titan "Hi Traction Lugs" for $98. This is a heavily ribbed bar tire. This is the Titan "Multi Trac C/S" in the 25/8.50-14 size (available from Miller Tire Co. Picture of the Multi Trac tread pattern: This is an almost perfect replacement for the original Ohtsu turf tire. Firestone (Bridgestone) makes the FARM SERVICE DIA TT R-3. For economy and simplicity, designers of 4 wheel drive passenger vehicles almost always choose four tires of equal size. Inflate the tire, and then place the wheel back onto the axle. Using the proper sized socket, loosen/unscrew the center spindle bolt and remove the used rear wheel. This video shows you how to easily replace your worn down wheel with a new one. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a matching turf tire that will fit Honda's stock 12x5 front wheel. The new wheel or wheel adapter would need a big offset to push the new, fatter rear tire out away from the suspension and hear hitch. Step 3: Place the Tire Patch into Place If you have a 2 wheel drive tractor, you can skip this discussion! Step 5: Partially Inflate the Tire 95 There are complications even if you go the custom wheel or wheel adapter route. Step 4: Replace the Tire You can't beat our high-quality lawn mower tires, low prices, and fast shipping! Honda snowblowers are remarkably durable and able to survive winter with relatively little maintenance required from the homeowner. The rear wheel center disk is slightly offset toward the *inside* of the wheel (the center disk is ~4" from the edge of the outside wheel rim and ~3" from the edge of the inside wheel rim). With a long reputation in the power equipment industry, the website is suited to help snowblower and Honda Equipment owners find the best parts for their needs. $28.99. diameter; Note: product may vary by store It's a pain but I wish they still made mower wheels like this, it's a shame to have to throw away a whole assembly when only the tire … Use the included strap to attach the tire to the rim, and tighten it until the new tire “bows” outward. The only thing I wish was cheaper shipping. Honda’s snowblowers use different tires based on the model of the snowblower itself. It can then be pressed into place using an included tool. Step 6: Replace the Wheel Customers looking for the best tires for their snowblower model should look no further then HondaLawnParts.com. Then cut the sides off so the bicycle … Selecting a Replacement Tire All Honda lawn mowers are powered by a reliable 4-stroke engine, delivering smooth and quiet performance that meet or exceed EPA and CARB emissions standards. There is a true turf tire available that will fit the stock Honda rear wheel. Honda Mower HR21 SXA SXM Tires / Wheels set of (4) 42800-952 42751-952 Sometimes, the combination of debris and rough snow or ice can negatively impact the equipment’s tires. Honda Lawn Mower Tire 42751-VE0-300 4078135 HRM215, HRB215 - P932. As of now I've given up the hunt. This will complete the tire repair process. The 6-14 is recommended for a 5" rim: the Honda rear wheel is 6" wide. Step 3: Remove the Tire $74.00. Step 2: Remove the Bolts and Remove the Air Cap 4.5 out of 5 stars9. Designed to fit Honda mowers. Go to the "Lawn & Garden Lug Tires" section of their website. The cheapest solution to new tires using Honda's turf wheels I have found is to replace the original turfs with all-season style automobile tires. Other tire replacement options: A true turf tire available for the rear: There is a true turf tire available that will fit the stock Honda rear wheel. Ideally, when in 4 wheel drive the front and rear tires of a 4 wheel drive vehicle would travel the same distance over the ground. Honda genuine lawnmower blades feature a sharpening limit indicator for required blade replacement to maintain cutting quality and avoid weakening blades. Provides maximum flotation and minimum turf damage on lawns, cemeteries, golf courses, and sandy soils."

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