Building Official. Establishments engaged in undertaking services such as preparing the human dead for burial and arranging and managing funerals. Long term storage of operating or nonoperating vehicles. The City Administrator will review and make either a report or recommendation to the BOA, Planning and Zoning Commission, Parks and Recreation Board, or City Council, as required pursuant to the Code, on the following procedures: 7. If, within fourteen (14) days, the responsible party fails to contact the City Administrator in writing, bring the sign into conformance with this Code, or apply for a permit for the sign, the City Administrator shall have the sign removed or impounded without further notice, and/or shall fine the owner on a daily basis as set forth within this Code. The GIS interface for the City is ArcView (an ESRI Product). Courtyards may exist between buildings, and buildings may open up to the courtyard; however, the front facade of the building must face the street as described above. Building Setback Line. Excavation. No buffers shall be required for property in the Downtown Overlay District although some landscaping and buffering standards may apply per the conditional use permitting process. Criteria for Approval. Establishments or places of business primarily engaged in wholesaling, storage, distribution and handling of materials and equipment other than live animals and plants. C. Computation of Height. The applicant used its property or filed an application as provided in Texas Local Government Code 43.002 prior to annexation by the City of Liberty Hill, and the regulations against which vested rights are claimed are not subject to an exemption as provided in Texas Local Government Code 43.002(c). Stabilization. All development activities permitted by the action being appealed, or any subsequent approval, must stop upon appeal, and remain inactive until the appeal is resolved. All amendments must be in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan. TOWNHOUSE RESIDENTIAL. Unified Development Code Text Amendment. To comply with any other duty or responsibility clearly assigned to the City Administrator elsewhere in this Code; 2. The rear setback shall in no case be less than three feet. 5. The soils, topography, land slope and aspect, and local climate that influence the form and species composition of plant communities. Pursuant to such authority, all chapters and sections of the UDC shall apply to all areas within the city limits of Liberty Hill. Development applications shall be prepared and submitted in a format acceptable to the City Administrator. Notice shall be required for review of an application as shown in the following table. B. C. The City Engineer will review and make either a report or recommendation to the City Administrator, Planning and Zoning Commission or City Council on the following procedures, subject to the terms and conditions set forth for such procedures in this Code: D. The City Engineer shall comply with any specific procedures or technical criteria described in this Code. How do I sign up to be a vendor at Liberty Hill's festivals? L. For corner lots, the side yard setback on side facing public right-of-way shall meet the same as front yard setback. Useable open space available for use by the occupants of more than one dwelling unit; controlled and maintained by a property owner or an incorporated nonprofit homeowners association; or dedicated in fee to, and maintained by, a public agency and devoted to use by residents who will occupy the dwellings. Before any development or project can proceed, the City Administrator must be satisfied that the landowner or developer will be in a financial position to install or cause to be installed at his own cost, risk, and expense, all of the improvements required by this Code. Generally, parking lots shall be laid out to continue the street/block pattern of the area so that the lots can easily be redeveloped with buildings consistent with the urban design of the surrounding development[.]. Table 3-4 identifies the types of procedures requiring a public hearing. Nonconforming uses are lawful uses within a zoning district that do not conform to the requirements of this Code when it is adopted, or when any amendments thereto, take effect. A principal traffic artery within residential areas that may provide routes to local facilities, serves as the main entrance to a sizeable development, or a combination of developments. Flashing Sign. The Comprehensive Plan reflects Liberty Hills long-term plan for growth and development. MULTIPLE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL. J. requirements for maintenance of landscaping and other improvements, K. establishment of development schedules or time limits for performance of completion, and. BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES. To the maximum extent feasible, pedestrians shall be separated from vehicles and bicycles. Dilapidated Sign. Applicants are responsible for developing the PUD Ordinance. Establishments or places of business primarily engaged in construction activities and incidental storage on lots other than construction sites as well as the retail or wholesale sale, from the premises, of materials used in the construction of buildings or other structures, but excluding retail sale of paint, fixture and hardware, and those classified as one of the Automotive and Equipment Service use types. Adult Novelty Shop means a business that primarily sells products that emphasize specified sexual activities or specified anatomical areas, and in which at least 35 percent of the gross floor area is devoted to the sale of those products. The duration of the temporary use shall be consistent with the intent of the use and compatible with the surrounding land uses. Any base zoning district in the downtown overlay can be conditionally upzoned to C-2, following the procedures and criteria for a conditional use permit. A use providing consultation, diagnosis, therapeutic, preventative or corrective personal treatment services by doctors, dentists, medical and dental laboratories, physical therapists, optometrists, and similar practitioners of medical and healing arts for humans licensed for such practice by the State of Texas. All applications shall be completed and submitted to the City Administrator in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Manual. A type of building sign that is suspended from the underside of a predominantly horizontal plane surface and is supported by such surface. B. The fact that property may be utilized more profitably should a variance be granted may not be considered grounds for a variance. The covered, painted over message must not show through the paint. The owner of an impounded sign may recover the same upon payment of an impoundment fee for each sign, and all costs associated with the removal of the sign, prior to the expiration of the fourteen (14) day impoundment period; in the event the sign is not claimed and retrieved from the Citys possession within fourteen (14) days, the City Administrator shall have authority to dispose of such sign. Any radio, television or communication antenna or tower for uplink, downlink, relay, broadcast or reception of communication signals, but not including either mobile transmitters and receivers or any such facilities with a transmission power of less than seven (7) watts. The tract of land subject to the application is adequately served by public improvements and infrastructure, or will be adequately served upon completion of required improvements. Procedures including initiation of appeals of administrative decisions are explained in Chapter 2. New lighting technologies have produced lights that are extremely powerful, and these types of lights may be improperly installed so that they create problems of excessive glare, light trespass, and higher energy use. A plat or replat or site development permit will not be approved unless the proposed lot(s) or site developments are served by an approved means of wastewater collection and treatment. Stable, Commercial. E. In case of projects where more than one building or phase is to be built, the applicant may submit a series of building permit applications. Any natural or artificial stream, river, creek, ditch, channel, canal, conduit, culvert, drain, waterway, gully, ravine or wash, in and including any area adjacent thereto, which is subject to inundation by reason of overflow or flood water. That the development encourage walking and biking, enhance transit service opportunities, and improve traffic safety through promoting low speed, cautious driving while fully accommodating the needs of pedestrians and bicyclists. In fulfilling any responsibilities in this Section that require technical or other expertise, the City Administrator or designee of the Council shall rely on the assistance of City Engineer or another designee for such expertise. Any system, whether publicly or privately owned, serving multiple lots, dwelling units, businesses, commercial or industrial establishments for the collection, transportation and disposal of sewage or industrial wastes of liquid nature, including various devices for the treatment of such sewage and industrial wastes. Such extension may be granted at any time prior to or within the twelve (12) months preceding the expiration date, but the extension period may not begin later than the original expiration date. Public Water - Oriented Recreation. The construction plans must be kept as a permanent record of the City. iv. The sum of the area of all building and Lots on the Zone Lot conforms to the maximum permitted sign area as determined by the formula for the zoning district in which the Lot is located. The fiscal surety shall be for the purpose of securing the estimated cost of completing such improvements, should the City find it necessary to complete the improvements in lieu of the landowner or developer. A portion of a subdivision or tract of land having frontage on a street or road which that [sic] is intended for development and which meets the requirements as a legal building site per this Ordinance Code [sic]. The passage or movement of water into the soil surface. C. Priority Growth Areas should be recognized and planned for by developing an infrastructure plan to encourage development in specific areas of the community. Location. Average Grade. The following rules describe administration of time requirements. A portion of a roadway designed to allow vehicles to safely decelerate for turns onto intersecting streets or safely accelerate to merge with the prevailing traffic flow. A. Applicability. The purpose of this section is to regulate outdoor lighting in order to reduce or prevent light pollution in the City. PROFESSIONAL OFFICE. Uncovered and unenclosed decks, porches, landings, balconies, and stairways (the portion of which is less than thirty [30] inches above grade). Nonpoint source pollution is not generally corrected by end-of-pipe treatment, but rather, by changes in land management practices. Table 4-4 identifies the standards for lots within each zoning district that have been identified in Section 4.05. Nonconforming Structure. A. A measurement determined by averaging the elevations of the finished ground at all corners and/or other principal points in the perimeter wall of the building. The construction plans are intended to provide for the detailed engineering drawings for all improvements required to serve the development. The City Administrator may also act upon violations that otherwise become known during the normal performance of his/her duties. Download PDF file Ladd's Addition Conservation District Design Guidelines (1990) 25.66 MB. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF INDUSTRIAL USE TYPES. Additionally, as provided in subsection (g) of this section, this section shall not apply to the types of ordinances, or other governmental action, enumerated in VTCA Local Government Code 245.004 or exempt from the requirements of Local Government Code 43.002. The purpose of this Section is to describe lot development standards for both residential and nonresidential lots. A yard extending along the full length of the front lot line of the zoned area. Transfer Station (or see also Waste Disposal Services). Any electrical sign having a continuous message flow across its surface by utilizing lights or other electrical impulses that form various words and/or designs, including but not limited to time and temperature signs. Table 3-4: Summary of Required Public Hearings, Appeal of Denial of Building Permit (sign-related). The entire building wall (including street wall face, parapet, fascia, windows, doors, canopy and roof) on any completed building. Floodplain. The Board of Adjustment (and/or City Council) must approve, in a public hearing, any alternative resolution of the appeal that involves a minimal change in development standards of this Code and consistent with all legal requirements. That the variance is necessary for the preservation of a substantial property right of the applicant. In some cases, the words should or may are used instead of shall or must to connote this legal distinction. Establishments which provide services, primarily to individuals, of a convenient and limited nature, often in access-controlled facilities which make twenty-four hour operation possible. E. Initiation of a Planning and Zoning Commission process may be made upon application by the property owner of the affected property or its authorized agent. Because zoning only applies to areas within the City limits, these standards are nonbinding guidelines for development in the ETJ. When two identical sign faces are placed back to back, so that both faces cannot be viewed from any point at the same time, and when such sign faces are part of the same sign structure and are not more than 42 inches apart, the sign area shall be computed by the measurement of one of the faces. Appeals of administrative decisions may only occur after a final decision by the City Administrator. This section shall not extend the time of validity for any permit. Newly annexed areas shall be zoned AG during the annexation process. Vehicular access shall be provided in such manner as to protect the safety of persons using such access or traveling in the public street from which such access is obtained. Postal Facilities. As a condition of deferring the obligation to dedicate rights-of-way for or to improve thoroughfares, which deferral shall be in the sole discretion of the City, the City shall require the developer to execute a subdivision or site development improvement agreement specifying the amount and timing of the rights-of-way dedication or improvements to thoroughfares, including the posting or depositing of a letter of credit or other fiscal surety, in a form and under terms acceptable to the City, in advance of approval of the development application. A historic resource comprised of 2 or more properties which that [sic] are significant as a cohesive unit and contribute to historical, architectural, archeological, or cultural values, which has been identified by the Historic Preservation Commission and duly classified pursuant to the procedures of the Texas Historical Commission. The applicant is responsible for submitting an application for a PUD that must include submission of a proposed development ordinance with an attached General Development Plan. E. If the conditions causing the delay are not resolved, the process may be repeated. B. All structures, land uses constructed or commenced after the effective date of the UDC and all enlargements of, additions to, changes in and relocations of existing structures and uses occurring after the effective date of the UDC are therefore subject thereto. No plat shall be recommended without a determination that the plat conforms to the following: 1. Moving Message Board. To provide for the enforcement of the provisions of this Section[.]. This Section describes the applicability and specific approval criteria for all Administrative Procedures necessary under this Code and applicable to the following: A. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF RESIDENTIAL USE TYPES, GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF COMMERCIAL USE TYPES, GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF INDUSTRIAL USE TYPES, PARK AND OPEN SPACE AND RECREATION SERVICES, GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF AGRICULTURAL USE TYPES, Dwelling, Multiple-family (also multifamily), Motel, Motor Court, Motor Hotel, Lodge, or Inn, Nursery, Commercial and/or Gardening Supplies Sales, Planned Development or Planned Unit Development (PUD), Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND). 3. 7. 2. Document. Lots have an Impervious Cover limitation that is part of the Max Lot Coverage. A temporary sign erected by the owner, or his agent, advertising for the rental, leasing or sale of the real property upon which the sign is located. A road improvement may be considered adequate for an application if the City Administrator determines that the required improvement is included, funded, and approved in the Citys, Countys or States capital improvements plan for roads, provided that the applicant agrees to phase development to conform to the date of completion of such scheduled improvement. Any place, home or institution that receives nine (9) or more children under the age of fourteen (14) years, and not of common parentage, for care apart from their natural parents, legal guardians, or custodians, when received for regular periods of time for compensation, provided that this definition shall not include public or private schools organized, operated, or approved under Texas laws, custody of children fixed by a court of competent jurisdiction, children related by blood or marriage within the third degree to the custodial person, or to churches or other religious or public institutions caring for children within the institutional building while their parents or legal guardians are attending service, activities, or meetings. Places of business primarily engaged in the storage, sale, dismantling or other processing of used or waste materials which are not intended for reuse in their original forms. The Commission discussed the recent submittals of requests for qualification for the City of Liberty Hill's new . 2. C. That the proposed use and site development, together with any modifications applicable thereto, will be completely compatible with existing or permitted uses in the vicinity. Upon initiation of the civil action, the City shall demonstrate that the defendant was actually notified of the provisions of the Code; and that after receiving notice, the defendant committed acts in violation of the Code or failed to take action necessary for compliance with the Code. Every building erected (or moved) and every lot platted for development must conform to the following minimum requirements: A. Terms and conditions. H. Manufactured Housing (MH1). Standard review periods may be extended by the City Administrator as described below when, in the opinion of the City Administrator, conditions beyond the Citys control exist that prevent the City Administrator, other administrative officials, or any final action authority from effectively reviewing and considering all applications in a timely manner. Rezoning to the PUD district requires a specific PUD ordinance and a General Development Plan from the property owner. The proposed ordinance, as modified and if approved by the City Council, shall be binding on the applicant and its successors. 1.1 Purpose and Scope . These standards are also supplemented by standards found in other sections of this Code. New developments or improvements of existing developments should consult the City of Liberty Hill or appropriate wastewater utility service provider for compliance. PERSONAL SERVICES. Typical uses include photography studios, driving schools, health or physical fitness studios, reducing salons, dance studios, handicraft and hobby instruction. In such a case the burden shall be on the applicant to prove that the Administrators interpretation is unreasonable and in clear conflict with the governing law and the goals of the Comprehensive Plan. Establishments primarily engaged in the provision of maintenance and custodial services to firms rather than individuals. Chapter 6 contains general standards applicable to all land development, standards applicable only to nonresidential site development, and standards applicable only to residential development. For quantitative control, a system of vegetative and structural measures that control the increased volume and rate of surface runoff caused by manmade changes to the land; and for qualitative control, a system of vegetative, structural, and other measures that reduce or eliminate pollutants that might otherwise be carried by surface runoff. Proposed development near these districts should consider including parkland within the development to provide contiguity of parkland development. Traffic Circulation. A. Establishment or places of business engaged in the preparation and retail sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, including taverns, bars[,] cocktail lounges, and similar uses other than a restaurant as that term is defined herein. Both parties will equally share any costs associated with the alternative dispute resolution process, unless they agree otherwise in writing. Any animated, rotating, fluttering or nonstationary device made of flexible materials designed to attract attention. The subdivider shall pay the record filing fee and the City shall file the final plat with the County Clerk. C. Public Conveniences and Litter Control. The City Administrator may include additional information about the uses and standards required for a development to proceed, however, and such additional information does not constitute permission to proceed with development. A public school offering instruction at the elementary school level in the branches of learning and study required to be taught in the public schools of the State of Texas. Preserve and enhance historic areas throughout the City[. H. The lawful conforming use of land existing at the time of the passage of this ordinance, although such use does not conform to the provisions hereof, may be continued as a conforming use, but if said use is discontinued for a period of time in excess of six (6) months, any future use of said premises shall be in conformity with the provisions of the current regulations relating to the zoning district in which the property is located. These design criteria and technical specifications are the latest version as adopted by the City Engineer. The regulations and restrictions of the Parks and Recreation Board for the City of Liberty Hill will be pursuant to the provisions of applicable statutory requirements of the State of Texas and of the enabling ordinance establishing the Parks and Recreation Board. All terms and conditions of site development permit approval must be met at the time of development. This also includes other educational services such as drivers education, beauty school, etc. Establishments primarily engaged in the provision of repair services to individuals and households rather than firms, but excluding Automotive and Equipment Service use types. 1. The following restrictions apply to development applications requiring multiple approvals: 1. However, the minimum setbacks shall remain for at least one side of the lot. Plat. 2. The City of Liberty Hill has the statutory authority to exercise a broad range of powers within its city limits. Health Officer. Lot design standards within the Liberty Hill City limits are categorized by Zoning District. 1. Design and construction of infrastructure in the City and ETJ shall be consistent with the policies and guidelines established in the most recent versions of the Liberty Hill Comprehensive Plan. Mobile Home. A transfer of development rights from a transferor parcel to a receiving parcel by instrument(s) of transfer. Adequate off-street parking shall be provided for the temporary use, and it shall not create a parking shortage for any of the other existing uses on or near the site. A summons or notice to appear in answer to a charge of parking, standing or stopping in violation of this section must specify the location of the fire lane or accessible space in which the violation occurred. This district is intended to provide for various types of residential development, including conventional single and two-family residences and higher density residences, such as triplexes, townhomes, garden homes, condominiums, and apartments. Any matter or material that yields an odor which that [sic] most persons find to be offensive. Liberty Hill Comprehensive Plan Update 2040. Floor Area, Net. The adopted City of Liberty Hill Drainage Master Plan. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF COMMERCIAL USE TYPES. It is primarily intended for use in high-traffic areas adjacent to arterial streets and highways and is appropriate for relatively high-volume commercial centers. Best Management Practices (BMPs). K. Determination by City Attorney. Exterior Features. Trees that should be removed because they pose a safety risk; 2. Also included in certain sections of this Chapter are recommended guidelines that are not mandatory and not legally enforceable outside of the city limits of Liberty Hill. Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND). If the letter P appears for a sign type in a column, such sign is allowed only with prior permit approval in the zoning districts represented by that column. In the event the City Administrator requests additional information for consideration of an application, the applicant shall be notified in writing within the required time period of specifically what information must be submitted in order to complete the review of the application. The City Council is responsible for final action on applications for Conditional Use Permits. If an owner, occupant, or other person repeats the same violation, within a five-year period from the date of the initial violation, it shall be considered to be a repeat of the initial violation and shall be subject to additional penalties and remedies. The City Administrator may initially declare that such conditions exist without approval of the City Council, and must provide timely notice to all affected applicants. MODULAR HOME RESIDENTIAL. TNDs also have a higher potential for capturing internal trips, thus reducing vehicle miles traveled. D. Limitations. The City is divided into zoning districts, shown on the Official Zoning Map, which is hereby adopted by reference and declared to be a part of this Code. Stockyard services involving the temporary keeping of livestock for slaughter, market or shipping. C. Cooperate with area governmental entities to ensure water quantity. E. Copies of letters from utility providers stating that utility service is available at the site. C. Responsibility for Final Action. Part of a building between any floor and the floor next above, and if there be no floor above, then the ceiling above. Chapter 6, Site Development, has additional standards that pertain to both residential and nonresidential lots. Approval of the site plan constitutes approval of the Site Development Permit and Stormwater Permit. 2. B. A. Code of Ordinances (see below for uncodified ordinances related to development), Resolution 2023-R-003 Public Improvement District Policies, City of Round Rock Design and Construction Standards, Liberty Hill Comprehensive Plan Update 2040. cherry hills country club initiation fee, tony spilotro dead photos,
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